Santa Lucia Highlands Wine Artisans

Gonzales, CA USA

Santa Lucia Highlands: East of Eden – Pinot Noir Paradise

Daily winds from the nearby Monterey Bay roar through the Santa Lucia Highlands adding unmistakable character to the region’s Pinot Noir—richness, spice and all that seductive, mouthwatering fruit. On terraced highlands above the fertile row crops of the Salinas Valley, the Santa Lucia Highlands is home to some of California’s most celebrated Pinot Noir vineyards and iconic, generational farming families. Join five vintners from the region for an exploration of the region’s history, people and its climatic combination of sun, wind, fog and that make it a Pinot Noir paradise.

Moderator: Evan Goldstein, MS

David Coventry, Talbott Vineyards
Ed Kurtzman, Mansfield-Dunne
Adam Lee, Clarice Wine Company
Steve McIntyre, McIntyre Vineyards
Matt Revelette, Siduri

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