Samantha Welch

Blue Mango Restaurant Management

Originally from New England, Samantha moved to California in 2009 for a taste of the good (read: wine industry) life.  She continued on to New Zealand and Australia where she tried her hand at winemaking for a year and a half before moving back to Paso Robles, CA in 2011. There she held her first wine director role and obtained her Sommelier Certification and became a Certified Specialist of Wine. Currently, serving as the Director of Front of House Operations for Novo Restaurant, Luna Red Restaurant, Robin’s Restaurant and Mint+Craft Cafe & Wine Shop in San Luis Obispo, she oversees all aspects of the restaurant operations including Wine and Beverage Direction. She has recently started hosting a monthly Team Blind Wine Tasting Tournament for local industry pros and wine lovers. She resides in San Luis Obispo with her husband and 3 dogs.

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