Breauna Kanzler

Sales and Hospitality, Kanzler Vineyards

Breauna is the soul of the Kanzler wine allocation process and customer care. She releases bottles directly to clients via the mailing list during biannual offerings, manages the Collectors Club, and curates our overnight guest experience at the vineyard house.

Breauna grew up in Petaluma—home of the Butter and Eggs Days Parade—25 minutes south of Sebastopol where winemaker Alex Kanzler was raised. She left the Bay Area to attend the University of Colorado in Boulder, where she met Alex. Little did she know at 18 years old that this was the beginning of a love story. Breauna graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2011 with the intention of becoming a behavioral therapist. She received a job offer from a Denver staffing agency right after graduation, and the Account Manager role eventually led her to San Diego for the opening of their new sales office.

When Silicon Valley’s high tech industry brought Breauna back up to the Bay Area to work for Google in 2013, Alex Kanzler was the first person she called. They were inseparable from that moment, and they married in January of 2016.

Breauna took a quick interest in the wine industry, although she initially thought of it as more of a hobby than a potential career. However, as she tasted wine more deeply, worked events for the Kanzler family and walked the vineyards with her new husband, she grew to love the land and the vines as much as the wine.

Breauna is a panelist for The Crafted Experience with Kanzler Vineyards on Friday, March 19, 2021.

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