Brian Bargsten

Brian Bargsten likes popping corks. However, it wasn’t until he became the wine director at the Las Campanas Clubhouse, 12 years ago, that he began getting paid for it. During his tenure at the Clubhouse he created an award-winning wine list that, within a year, was recognized as one of the best Club wine lists in the country. While he was at the Club, he began to notice a lack in the neighborhood: a wine shop. It was with this need in mind, that he opened Arroyo Vino almost a decade ago. As can be expected, his patrons didn’t just want to buy wine, they wanted to drink it as well. Thus, two years after opening, Arroyo Vino expanded to become both wine shop and restaurant. Thanks to Brian’s wine knowledge and business acumen, Arroyo Vino has become one of the most respected wine accounts in New Mexico.  The wine shop has gained a reputation for its thoughtfully curated selection of producer driven wines and the restaurant has gained national interest and maintained its place as a top dining destination in Santa Fe since it opened its doors.

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