David Coventry

Winemaker, Talbott Vineyards

David Coventry is a native of Monterey, California, so he knows firsthand just how special it is here – from the vineyards and the landscape to the arts and the lifestyle. Although he took a circuitous path with stints in chemistry and band management, David eventually returned home to Monterey, where he is the head winemaker for Talbott Vineyards. David began his winemaking career in 1997, holding various positions at California wineries that allowed him to increase his winemaking knowledge, gain insight into marketing and production, and hone his skills to create fine wines. In 2005, two of his wines ranked on the 'Top 10 Wines of the Year' list in Wine and Spirits magazine. That same year, he was the only Monterey winemaker to make the 2005 'Top 100 Wines' list in Wine Spectator magazine. David has dedicated his career to proving that Monterey produces some of the finest wines available and plans to continue showcasing the deliciously unique flavors that can only come from this place.

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