Eric Johnson

Winemaker, Talley Vineyards
Winemaker Eric Johnson was raised on a family farm in Los Banos, California.  He is a graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where he studied Wine and Viticulture and Agricultural Business Management.  He joined Talley Vineyards in 2007 to work in the Tasting Room, became a harvest intern later that year and served as Enologist until 2010, when he became Winemaker.Given his background in farming, Eric has a unique understanding of the role that the land plays in determining wine quality. “I believe that the world’s greatest wines are defined by place, as opposed to winemaking manipulation.”  In addition, Eric has a great work ethic and passion for excellence.  “A great winemaker needs flair, imagination, and the inspiration of divine discontent.”Eric is very active in the local wine scene and serves on the Board of Directors for the World of Pinot Noir and is a member of the Cal Poly Wine and Viticulture Advisory Council.  He has traveled to France, Italy, New Zealand, Argentina and Chile to explore wine regions or work harvests.  In his spare time, Eric enjoys outdoor sports, food and wine.  He lives in San Luis Obispo with his wife, Cait.

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