Jake Pippin

Brand Ambassador, Fetzer Vineyards

 Word on the street is that he holds some of the best educational seminars, trainings, and tastings in the industry. He is more than just an expert on Chilean wine—he is truly passionate about the unique winemaking that is being done by both big and small producers. Jake completed a degree in Geography and Theatre at the University of Oregon, which ultimately led him to world of wine while studying abroad in Austria and working harvest in the Willamette Valley in 2009. He moved to New York City in 2010 where he worked with the Tour de France group, Wines of Chile and Vine Connections, where he became known as “the Chile Guy”. 

He returned to Oregon in 2015, completed an MBA at Willamette University and joined renowned Oregon Pinot producer Penner-Ash to lead their Direct to Consumer program. Since 2018 he has worked with Fetzer Vineyards and Concha y Toro; recently joining their fine wine division, he focuses on their California, Argentine, and of course, Chilean fine wines. 

His appreciation for soil, rocks, and a sense of place has helped him become a wealth of knowledge about South American terroir. His theatre background comes in very handy in his role. He excels in making the wine experience educational, approachable, and transformative. Much of Chile is still misunderstood or undiscovered as winemaking territory, and Jake is eager to open peoples’ eyes to the possibilities of Chile. Jake holds a WSET Level 3 certificate. 


Jake will be a special guest of the The World Tour of Pinot Noir Pairings Dinner on Friday, March 6, 2020.

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