Paula Dooley

Owner, Stephen Ross Wines

Background: I grew up mostly in San Antonio, Texas. My dad was career Army, my mom was a nurse and I am the youngest of four children. I went to the University of Texas at Austin and earned my degree in Business Finance. I had some great jobs in aviation-related and corporate finance for 13 years and for which I am eternally grateful because they brought me to me to San Luis Obispo. I was able to use my business background to help Steve found and grow Stephen Ross. At the same time, we grew our family with two fantastic children, currently college students.

Wine Inspiration: I met Steve in 1989, and to fall in love with Steve was to fall in love with wine.   I am inspired by small wineries worldwide who passionately and painstakingly produce interesting wines.

Hobbies: Drinking wine (of course), swimming (anytime, anywhere), reading and yoga. I’d like to say travel, but we don’t have time to do much… someday.

What I Do: All the business-side of things.  It isn’t as exciting as being the winemaker, but it suits me well.

Paula will be a special guest of The World of Pinot Noir's 20th Anniversary Founders Dinner on Friday, March 6, 2020.

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