Samuel Tottoli

Managing Director, Domaine Kirrenbourg

After starting my career in the restaurant business as a sommelier, I quickly felt the desire to produce my own wines. In 2004, I had the opportunity to take over the management of Domaine Kuentz-Bas for which I worked for about fifteen years. The constant search for quality allowed me to restore the reputation of this historic estate and to be rewarded with a star in the guide of the best wines in France and as well as very good review in the specialized American press (WS, WA, WE...).

Domaine Kirrenbourg is a new challenge, my choice to be associated with this ambitious project, brings together all the assets necessary for this shared vision of the excellence of Alsace wines.


Samuel is a panelist for the What's Altitude Got To Do With It? Seminar & Luncheon.

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