Our seminars are as delicious as they are educational, and explore thoughtful and fun topics. Our hand-picked moderators and panelists are some of the most knowledgeable industry experts who create entertaining and informative experiences.

Keith Beavers
Tastings Director at VinePair
Bio >
Michael Browne
Founder, CIRQ and CHEV Wines
Bio >
Richard Doré
FOXEN Co-founder and Owner
Bio >
Gary Franscioni
Founder, ROAR Wines
Bio >
David Glancy MS
Founder, San Francisco Wine School
Bio >
Evan Goldstein, MS
President and Chief Education Officer, Full Circle Wine Solutions Inc.
Bio >
Michael Jordan
Director of Global Key Accounts for Jackson Family Wines
Bio >
Alex Kanzler
Winemaker/Owner, Kanzler Vineyards
Bio >
Breauna Kanzler
Sales and Hospitality, Kanzler Vineyards
Bio >
Matt Kettmann
Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Contributing Editor
Bio >
Adam Lee
Siduri Founding Winemaker
Bio >
Shane Moore
Winemaker, Gran Moraine Winery
Bio >
Mark Pisoni
Vineyard Manager, Pisoni Vineyards
Bio >
Regine Rousseau
Founder/ CEO Shall We Wine
Bio >
Patrick Will
Vice President, Vintus
Bio >
Sarah Wuethrich
Winemaker, Maggy Hawk
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