ampelos cellars

Lompoc, CA USA

Ampelos is the greek word for vine. Soil. Vines. Wines. This is the order in which great wine is made. Waking up from the dream is the real belief that a farmer must know his fruit, and we are resolute in our passion to produce hands on, minimally invasive wines that both whisper and shout about the terroir from which they are grown. Our natural wines are from the 1st certified organic, biodynamic and sustainable vineyard. Our commitment to eco-friendly, natural farming and winemaking is evident in every sip.

Coming from a life of corporate toil, a canceled meeting in the first tower of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, opened our eyes to the fact that we could no longer put our dreams on hold. Our new lives began with 15 acres of Pinot Noir and Syrah in 2002, then 10 more acres in 2005. We approach winemaking with respect for traditional winemaking practices and openness to experimentation. We believe that the journey is the destination, and prioritize creating quality wines sustainably. Sharing the literal fruits of this journey is what makes us excited to walk into the vineyard and winery each day.

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