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Alto Adige is unique in its harmony of opposites: the north and the south, the German-speaking and the Italian-speaking worlds, the snow-covered mountains and the fertile valleys along with an unbeatable Alpine-Mediterranean climate. The result is a fascinating microcosm, that can create wines full of character, like a piece of art.

The town of Appiano is located in the southern part of Alto Adige, on the so- called Alto Adige Wine Road, and is the main, wine-growing area in Alto Adige, though still very small. In the small hamlet of Colterenzio, which is part of the wine village of Cornaiano, is where the winery Colterenzio is also located.

Colterenzio is a winery made of over 300 families, each of whom “work behind the scenes”, as crucial contributor to the quality and success of Colterenzio wines. Our families’ history as grape-growers and farmers is extremely intriguing, some of them dating back to hundreds of years and many generations ago.

It was in 1960, when 26 local winegrowers from the village Colterenzio, in the municipality of Appiano, got together to found Colterenzio winery, their new way of producing wine together, out of their passionately grown grapes and getting away from all the greedy wine merchants that were monopolizing the market at that time. It was made in the form of a cooperative and called after the small hamlet of Schreckbichl/Colterenzio, in Italian, their homeland village. They built a cellar, nominated a winemaker, and from this point

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