Cono Sur Winery

Chimbarongo, CHL

Cono Sur Vineyards & Winery was founded in 1993, with the vision of producing premium, expressive and innovative wines conveying the spirit of the New World.
The Cono Sur name refers to the company's geographic position; it represents wines proudly made in South America's Southern Cone, on whose western edge lies Chile and its gifted wine valleys. Our logo also evokes a freehand drawing of the silhouette of South America.
Our quest is to present the world with the finest grape expression and character, from Chile's main wine regions.
Our main goal is to create expressive and innovative wines from the world's southernmost land. Cono Sur wines bring together the richness of their home soils, the uniqueness of our winemaking approach and the passion invested in them every step of the way; all blended together in aromatic intensity and elegance, full palates. We don't place emphasis on ancient family trees or bottles covered with the dust of time. Quite on the contrary, passion, quality and innovation are the values that inspire and guide us.
No family trees, no dusty bottles, just quality wine.

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