Enriquez Estate Wines

Forestville, CA USA

Enriquez Estate Wines is a family owned and operated micro-grower and producer of limited production wines located in Forestville, in the heart of the Russian River Valley. Cecilia, the daughter, moved to Sonoma County in 2011 to learn how to farm, become a winemaker, and launch the family brand at the young age of 23. With no formal winemaking background, she enjoys playing with mostly Pinot Noir, Tempranillo, and Muscat from the Petaluma Gap and Russian River appellations. She has been known to pick up less popular but just as delicious varietals along the way depending on the year. She just can't say no to delicious grapes! Cecilia and her family invite you to visit their estate or the winery by appointment, or to stay with them on the estate in one of two of their guest cottages. To place an order, join their intimate wine club, ask any question you may have, stay with them on the property, or book a visit to their property or winery, please visit their website: or email

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