Haywire Wines

Summerland, BC CAN

The journey began in 2006 when Christine Coletta and Steve Lornie planted a 10-acre site in the Okanagan Valley and named it Switchback Vineyard. Three years later, a tiny crop was harvested, curiosity won out over practicality and Haywire wines were launched with no turning back. In 2011 a brick and mortar home was built (Okanagan Crush Pad) giving Haywire and later sister brands Narrative and Free Form a base. Today, Coletta and Lornie farm 400 acres; 100 planted to organic certified vineyards, hayfields and ground crops and a small herd of sheep. Haywire is recognized as making game-changing wines with New Zealander Matt Dumayne at the helm while Alberto Antonini and Pedro Parra consult. The goal is simple: to farm wines that are inspired by the Okanagan, reflecting the rare and natural beauty of our land.

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