Leyda Winery

San Antonio, CHL

Brand Definition:
Viña Leyda pioneered the development of coastal cool-climate vineyards in the valley with the same name. Our mission is to produce wines with their own identity, resulting from the Leyda valley’s unique characteristics: coastal cool-climate and granite soils formed over 120 million years ago. This gives for elegant, mineral and fresh wines with a pronounced character.

Viña Leyda was founded in 1998, in Leyda Valley, place today recognized as the last great innovation of Chilean viticulture. Traditionally, Leyda Valley has been an area of natural pasture lands and basic crops such as wheat and barley.
After evaluating the potential conditions of the area, a crucial investment was made which enabled water to be brought from the Maipo River through an eight kilometer pipeline. Actually, Leyda has planted vineyards for a total of 230 hectares.

Leyda was born as the pioneer vineyard in Leyda Valley, whose commitment is to be protagonist of a unique place, working with specific microterroirs,
limited wine production and selection of each parcel, which will give different expressions, purity, identity and character to ultrapremium wine.

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