Martin Ray Vineyards & Winery

Santa Rosa, CA USA

The name Martin Ray resonates deeply in the history of California Winemaking. Dedicated to crafting single varietal, region-specific bottlings, he set a precedent for the future of wine. Today, in the heart of the Russian River Valley, we continue this approach, crafting terroir-driven wines of distinction from iconic appellations. From our Estate to the broad terroir of Sonoma County, to the high elevation and close proximity to the Pacific Ocean in Santa Cruz, we rely on premiere vineyard sites with meticulous detail to farming. Built on a foundation of relationships and deep affinity for each region, we believe each wine begins its life in the vineyard and requires a thoughtful, minimal touch in the cellar. The result is a collection of wines that are terroir-driven and offer a unique exploration of California.
With this concerted effort of making wines of place, there will always remain a dutiful and appreciative nod to the history and legacy of the great California pioneer, Martin Ray.

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