Sea Sun Wines

Salinas, CA USA

Sea Sun Pinot Noir is created from the singular beauty and character of the California coast.

We launched Sea Sun Chardonnay in 2018. Now, we are excited to introduce Sea Sun Pinot Noir, which is also sourced from three premier coastal regions of California.

This Pinot is a layered wine shaped by the places where we source the grapes. The majority of our fruit is from Monterey County, which provides a perfect climate and high-quality vineyard land. A portion of our grapes also come from Solano County, which is only a 40-minute drive east of Napa Valley and shares a similar maritime climate. While largely undiscovered, Solano is capable of producing exceptional grapes. The remaining fruit comes from Santa Barbara County, which lends roundness on the palate.

The remarkable landscape of all three regions provides ideal growing conditions– with cooling ocean breezes and an extended growing season that leads to heightened complexity in the wine.

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