Tongue Dancer Wines

Healdsburg, CA USA

Tongue Dancer Wines is a small personal brand owned and operated by James and Kerry MacPhail. We slave away with smiles on our faces like lunatics in our winery located in our backyard in Healdsburg. I’ve been in this business for 25+ years, and those who know me well can say I am a bit obsessive and passionate about what I do – and what I do is make Pinot Noir. I practice what I try to teach my daughters, and that is follow – and trust – your gut. It is with the understanding that although I am a simple man, my desires run deep, and I simply want to keep exploring Pinot’s depth and breadth. I may never master whatever it is I'm doing (hopefully), and always being curious – and forever desiring results from that creative spark – has given me experience and knowledge. So, in the organic nature of how things happen, it was curiosity and desire that led me to this creative outlet. So, I’m sure you’re wondering about the name we chose. Why “Tongue Dancer Wines”? Well, what better way to give you an image of our wine’s taste and texture, weight and finish? You know me and my wines, and you know I like them to have a great “mouthfeel”. We wanted to create an image of TASTE, and as hard as that is sometimes, we think this labels captures what we’re trying to convey. In short – we make wine that dances on your tongue!

Always something interesting, James and Kerry MacPhail

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